A massive thank you! To Latina Magazine for featuring me this month online, you can check out the article here.  Check out some of the awesome outtakes!

 Photographed by Erin Marie Miller -
 Photographed by Erin Marie Miller -
 Photographed by Erin Marie Miller -
 Photographed by Erin Marie Miller -
 Photographed by Erin Marie Miller -

I think the most important thing for a home, especially when you are starting out-is to have an idea what life you want to live and apply the furniture necessary to make that statement or idea-real. Lets say you are a city dweller but you dream of the day you can finally have a farmhouse and never look back. Awesome, get a statement piece that gives people a look into your mind, that dream to be realized. Seeing vulnerability or a statement piece will open up conversation to your guest's, they'll feel that they understand you, perhaps they'll even relate more so.

I started-a 1 year long crusade- to find an ideal sofa for my early 20's. I knew that I needed something, guest-proof,stylish, classic, bohemian, rock star and for godsakes- not expensive! This was as I said was a 1 year crusade. I went to countless stores, yet I still remember every visit. I learned about texture, fabrics that can hold up, fabric that was more for look, fabric that was simply strange and other's that were over priced. I also needed a sofa that could keep up with me. I knew where I wanted to be, however I didn't know how many apartments I would go through before I got there. This couch had to be able to go for the ride.

So finally I figured out-Well I don't want something too hippie, so goodbye to Anthropologie catalogue.  I didn't want something too dungeon looking and erotic either-goodbye 50 Shades Of Grey. It came down to Must be 90 inches, black velvet, tufted, straight lines, metal legs, 20% under budget (because I love testing myself to see if I can hit a bottom line..and a little bit more).

1 week letter-there she was, someone had specialized ordered her and decided it wasn't for them. Lucky me, it was exactly what I was looking for.Plus because it was special ordered I also made my 20% under budget goal. 


In this lifestyle section we will be exploring the brands, companies, and lifestyles that are changing the way people think. I'll also be posting advice from myself and other's on how to get through a transitional time in your home. It is difficult, and don't have feel invalidated when you start to get a little furniture-angry, it's a very real struggle. It forces you-to look at yourself sometimes and get down to the nit grit of what will make you happy in your home.

Although my interview with Latina Magazine does not cover the couch-crusade, I again wanted to thank the wonderful women there who featured me as an Actress and Blogger. I also thank you to my wonderful family as well for being so very supportive in my endeavors.


Now, let's start helping you, find your home inside your house- and maybe even yourself!

Photographer- ERIN MARIE MILLER click here 



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