Kick it With You

5 Reason's Why I love Incorporating Men's clothing into my wardrobe & Why You Should too!:)

When adding a touch of masculinity to your wardrobe it's important to still be true to yourself. If wearing a man-flannel or rocking chunky doc martin's is too intense for you, opt for an oversized watch or trimmed to fit navy blue blazer. These two statement pieces can help with the girly girl at heart, but give a little nod to the fine people at GQ.

My outfit shown is an oversized men's black thermal from The Gap, an oversized watch from Michelle (get her goods at any Nordstrom near you), belted bracelet is vintage from a Silver Collector named Zelda, the second bracelet is by David Yurman and my unisex Ray Ban Wayfer's (Euro Editions).

My denim is Rag and Bone and the blue crocodile printed slip-on's are from Cole Haan (you can sometimes find these babies at your local TJMAXX).

I went something more on the tom-boyish side, my frame is pretty petite so I like a good oversized top with super skinny jeans. These are actually cut-off's, but because of my size the length is perfect.

5. Chill Factor: When incorporating men's wardrobe into you're street style, you're putting out there to yourself "I'm comfortable. Today's errands aren't going to be difficult". Hey maybe they do get easier after all. If you are what eat, you probably are as calm as your clothes let you be.

4. Oops Proof: Coffee, Quick Lunches, Dog Parks, Home Depot; Millennial. Nuff Said

3. Hey Girl:  In a town like Los Angeles there is something that speaks volumes in being casual but having a good piece of jewelry, like the oversized Michelle watch that I'm wearing. It creates mystery and garner's respect.

2. Universal: When you can compliment both sexes in a single outfit, you'll find yourself attracting more people. More isn't always good, but it's not always bad either. Being open minded and non judgemental is crucial, what's more is communicating to other's through fashion that, "Hey we could understand each other", that's a biggie.

1. Be One of the Dudes: Look, you're boyfriend or SO probably loves showing you off to his friend's when you're dressed to the 9's, rightfully so. But if they only ever see you club-ready, date-ready, they'll be on their best behavior in order to not block their friend-If you want to know a guy and his pack, dress tom-boyish, they'll let their guard down; good, great or bad you'll get to really know who you're dealing with.