For a Ride

Jewelry: Priscilla Ford Curations Top: Rag and Bone, Denim: Rag and Bone, Shoes: Opening Ceremony

I get asked often, " What are you doing in LA?" or "How long have you been here?". I've also asked the same questions to others. The size up questions. What's your purpose, and are you legit. And then it slowly turns into "Man, I totally can't stand social media and the judgement.". The Judgement- "Don't hurt me, don't talk me for a ride".

If you find some common place. If you can make it passed the first 2-4 questions on either side, we can award ourselves with a tid bit of authenticity to back up our small talk, our hard-talk,  "See, I'm authentic, I can't stand it when people text me, so I'm going to get your phone number and call you".  That's alright I guess. Why not? It's a big city, it get's boring when you're trying to catch your next wave on a surfboard. Wadding out there, and then paddling fiercely then not quite making it, then wadding again. Then making it, to be knocked off because of the wrong step. It's art you know, a wonderful rigidity dance. One hell of a ride.